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Shootouts for golf


As one of the most popular golf promotions, a shootout is a great addition to any golf tournament as a way to generate additional money for the charity or the event itself! The Shootout contest is a low cost high value contest.  Selected golfers participate in a hole in one shootout either prior to or following the tournament on the 18th green (or another designated green). If any of the finalists make a hole in one, they win the grand prize! Finish your event big with a simple contest aimed to generate excitement! The shootout contest will give your event a fun and exciting start or finish to the day.

How It Works:

  1. Provide the number of shots that will be a part of your shootout

  2. Select the hole and yardage for the shootout contest

  3. Determine the cash value of your Main Prize for your shootout

  4. Your hole in one prize is covered and your hole in one sign sponsorship package will be delivered to the golf course, or your preferred address.

Whats Included:

  • Main Prize coverage

  • Main Prize Sign - Customized for your tournament, prize, and sponsor

  • Free direct shipping for signage & supplies

  • Ace Hole In One's - 24/7 support

Lets get Started:

  1. Determine the Main Prize Value, and the approximate # of shots that you would like to insure

  2. Call Ace Hole In One at 813-382-3221 or

  3. We will provide you a quote immediately.  It is that easy!

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