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Baseball Contests

Baseball Contests

At Ace Hole In One we also cover Sports Contests.  For Baseball we cover contests such as:  Hit for the cycle, Grand Slam Home Run, Triple Play, Pitchers Mound Ball Toss.  You may want to work with your local High School, College, Semi-Pro, or Pro Baseball team to come up with a contest that will benefit you, your company, or your charity.  

How It Works:

  1. Think of the type of event that you would like to have

  2. Provide the specific idea of your event 

  3. Determine the cash value of your Prize

  4. Determine where your event will take place and the date if known.

Whats Included:

  • Main Prize Coverage

  • One sign to display at your event

  • Free direct shipping 

  • Ace Hole In One's - 24/7 support

Lets get Started:

  1. Determine the Type of your event, The Main Prize Value, and the approximate # of attempts that you would like to cover

  2. Call Ace Hole In One at 813-382-3221 or

  3. We will provide you a quote immediately.  It is that easy!

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