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Hole In One Coverage

At Ace Hole In One we are all about Insuring the opportunity of a Lifetime!  The excitement that is created when a golfer makes their first or fifth hole in one is immeasurable.  Your golf tournament is not complete without a Hole In One Contest.  A Hole In One promotion allows golfers the chance to win BIG prizes should they make an Ace on the designated hole(s), which will increase player count.  This is also a great opportunity for golf tournaments to sell the Hole In One promotion as a sponsorship opportunity.



How It Works:

  1. Provide the number of players that will be a part of your event

  2. Select the par 3 hole(s) and yardage for the Main Prize hole in one contest.

  3. Determine the cash value of your Main Prize.

  4. Your hole in one prize is covered and your hole in one sign sponsorship package will be delivered to the golf course, or your preferred address.

Whats Included:

  • Main Prize Sign - Customized for your tournament, prize, and sponsor

  • Bonus Prizes for each additional Par 3 hole.  Prizes that will get the players attention

  • Custom Bonus Prize signs

  • Free direct shipping for signage & supplies

  • Full coverage for multiple winners at your tournament

  • Ace Hole In One's - 24/7 support

Lets get Started:

  1. Determine the Main Prize, its Value, and the approximate # of players that you would like to insure

  2. Call Ace Hole In One at 813-382-3221 or

  3. We will provide you a quote immediately.  It is that easy!

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