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Putting Challenges

Putting Challenges

Putting Challenges are events that can be held before or after your tournament.  Contestants can putt from either 50 or 60 feet to win a grand prize for the day. 

The Putting Contest is a great way to entertain and interact with your golfers, generate additional sponsor revenue, and create fundraising opportunities for your charity. The grand prize can be a new vehicle, cash, a watch, or a special vacation package... the options are endless!  

Sponsors will create excitement and receive increased exposure while you have the opportunity to raise tournament dollars!

How It Works:

  1. Provide the number of putts that will be a part of your event

  2. Select the distance that you would like to use 50' or 60'

  3. Determine the cash value or prize for the putt

  4. Your putt is covered and your putt sponsorship package will be delivered to the golf course, or your preferred address.

Whats Included:

  • Main Prize coverage

  • Main Prize Sign - Customized for your contest, prize, and sponsor

  • Free direct shipping for signage 

  • Ace Hole In One's - 24/7 support

Lets get Started:

  1. Determine the Main Prize, its Value, and the # of putts that you would like to insure

  2. Call Ace Hole In One at 813-382-3221 or

  3. We will provide you a quote immediately.  It is that easy!

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